Passion and Safety

What we do


What do you want from your technician when you have a problem? An IMMEDIATE answer.
How do you want him to work? Quickly and efficiently.
Why choosing a company of techincians? They can understand the problem immediately. Who’s better: a big company or a technician? A technician.

We understand a technician must be flexible that means he must be available when a customer needs him. us any time!


We take care of this and much more to make sure everything is perfect during the work and inside the construction site. We are ready to solve any kind of emergencies, substituting the worn out and broken parts in case of malfunctioning due to lack of mainteinanc.


Technicians who work in construction sites are experts and have a good general knowledge of all the construction process, but sometimes you need a crane expert to deal with the problems of such a unique and essential machine. When there is a problem our technician discusses it with the team; discussion brings knowledge to and by each memeber of the team, so that no question is left unanswered and the issue can be solved quickly and efficently, reducing equipment downtime while saving the customer money.


Prevention, assistance and intervention are the successfull keywords to guarantee the perfect functioning of your machines. Without mainteinace the risk of damage and break is high. Ordinary mainteinance guarantees long life to the crane that therefore can be used for many other jobs.